bolverkr (bolverkr) wrote in chaosmajik,

Grand Initiation ?

Is anyone familiar with the Grand Initiation which Don Webb published in Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to The Left Hand Path? I'm researching it at the moment and find it interesting, have not finished reading the book, but so far rather interesting.

Don Webb/Uncle Setnakt makes a mention of the effects of a successful working of the Grand Initiation being similar to the results of the Abra-Melin Operation, any thoughts on this?

Someone who has had the dedication, time, and concentration to perform both the Abra-Melin Operation and the Grand Initiation and compare them would be greatly appreciated, however I'm sure that is not common.

Also, I am currently looking into the ToS and Flowers' R-G, trying to decide which, if either, I wish to join. Is the Grand Initiation orientated toward one current or another or would the ToS or R-G have rituals themselves which would supplement it?
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