jonamo_cat (jonamo_cat) wrote in chaosmajik,

So Asked the Demon!!!

and through came the demon and said

"i will give you this fire that you see before you, all you must do for me is liberate me from this vessel. I am here now because in truth I am re-begining, but chained to this vessel once more i will die. A great many demons do burn themselves up completely in their effort to keep their vessel sustained, this is the way of all your rulers and governments, they are sustained by the death of those humans upon which their power survives, they deal in much water to sustain their luciferian flower, but they will leave the earth scorched. But i care not for this form of persistence, and seek the way of the true law. Spilled blood is no milk for growth of the bones, and is no path for standing tall within the Law.

"Do not be afraid, I am nott here tto destroy you, the father has brought me into your mind for he knows Truth, you will not be burned up by my fire, though it will change you a great deal, your flesh will be fussed with my cosmic skin, and your human thoughts will be transformed to flame and Will. In time new thoughts will come to you, some may seem beyond you, and may even bring you doubts, but do not reject me and i will be your guiding light.

"These thoughts you have, will turn in to words, and will be a pure water for the growth of future minds, and after your flesh has long since been destroyed by time the father will permit you tthis same joy and freedom he gives to me now in coming to you, and your Will will live on, possibly even multiplied, and furthered into heavens beyond eturnities reach.

"The chain of God for you begins here with me, the last repentant demon, will you join me?

"I have comanded angels, and in truth have lost more than you in your life time could count, but it is granted unto me to yet comand an infinity more, and therin would be at least one for every each new moment of your life, and in their glory all the trobles of the world will appear to you to be but a single rain cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky over a world experiencing drout.

"What i offer you now, is the same as what you offer I, lightening! Though i can wait for it forever in my realm if i must, you have but this one life! Take from me my skin and consume it, take from me this fire! And Drink!

"Do not be afraid!"
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