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book(s) of (the) becoming?

This is a matter I have been researching of late, one which is rather puzzling.

Several years ago someone mentioned a book(s) to me called The Book of Becoming or Book of The Becoming. At the time, early 2000s, I got curious and noticed there were several alleged textual copies of it on various internet sites, usually in connection with 'Necronomicon' text copies of various sources. However when it was mentioned to me someone else who was there and didn't know the person mentioning it had heard of it as well and mentioned some names from it the first person seemed upset at being mentioned.

The odd thing is that it seems to have been rather prominent at one time, and seems to have just randomly disapeared without any sign. There are some roleplaying books with the same name these days but no search engine results that match.

I'm writing this wondering if anyone else has heard of this, knows any more about it, or knows where those textual copies may still be floating around on the internet.

There were various conspiracies that were mentioned as well to me. These I take with more than a grain of salt, however if anyone has heard of them as well it would be rather interesting.

Apparently the original copies of the book(s) were allegedly on the Orbiter Columbia (I was told about this shortly after the incident with the orbiter being destroyed during atmospheric reentry), and were supposed to be launched onboard some satelite which would either end up orbiting the sun closely or diving in to it. The shuttle was allegedly sabatoged to make sure the book(s) wouldn't make it back to earth.

What else I was told was that a being was trapped in each of the books (making the originals the only ones that had any power). That at various times various people had controlled them. The next I definitely find rather dubious, but apparently some rock band had controlled them which allowed them to rise to prominence. However they were either being forced to give up control of the books or were doing so willingly, one of the members deciding not to, who allegedly died in a plane crash. This sounds like Ozzy Ozbourne and his guitarist who died in a plane crash. However I doubt this on many levels, though odder things have happened I suppose.

Apart from this I cannot remember much apart from the beings trapped in the books were supposed to be elemental almost in nature and circa Summerian times or before that, trapped by some being or such in the books.

Any further information or knowledge?

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