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Silent Auction - Occult and psychology books!

I'm posting this, upon request, for a friend. He's cleaning out his rather extensive bookcase and has tons of books on offer.

The following is directly from him:

I set this up as a silent auction - please read the instructions or your e-mail will not be received.

Silent auction Instructions:

Please e-mail with subject line
Silent auction item#

And in the body of the e-mail, place a bid on what you're willing to pay for the item.If your offer is the highest you'll be contacted. If you get the subject line wrong or do anything other than bid, my e-mail filters will automatically delete your e-mail.

Silent auction item#666

This process will make it fast and easy for both of us allow me to post more items for you to enjoy! And it'll give me a lot more closet space. ;)

Today's auction is books. I gave you the ISBN number in case you wanna look them up. Enjoy!
Item# Description
0001-072809 Minding your own business by Raymond and Dorothea Moore ISBN 1-5612 1-008-0
0002-072809 Making magic: religion, magic, and science in the modern world. by Randal Styes. ISBN 0-19-5169 41-7.
0003-072809 Essentials of Psychology: Exploration and Application 7th Edition by Dennis Coon ISBN 0-534-3633 3-4
0004-072809 Vegetarian Cooking for People with Allergies by Raphael Rettner ISBN 1-57067-045-5
0005-072809 A book about auras done in Dutch ISBN 90-6378-352-3
0006-072809 The Celts: Uncovering the Mythic and Historic Origins of Western Culture by Jean Markale ISBN 0-89281-413-6
0007-072809 The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish ISBN 0-39 9-50035-9
0008-072809 Personal Development with the Tarot by Catherine Summers ISBN 0-572-02462-2
0009-072809 Study Guide with Practice Tests in Psychology ISBN 0-13-733718-3
0010-072809 Wicca for Men by A.J. Drew ISBN 0-8065-2023-x
0011-072809 Create Your Own Reality by Nancy Ashley ISBN 0-13-1891 27-8
0012-072809 Keep your Bonsai Alive and Well by Herb l Gustafson ISBN 0-8069-1310 – X
0013-072809 The New Vegetarian Gourmet by Byron Ayanoglu ISBN 1-896503-26-8
0014-072809 Idiots guide: Zen Living by Gary McLain and Eve Adamson ISBN 0-02-863958-8
0015-072809 Idiots guide: Linux by Manuel Klberto Ricart ISBN 0 - 7897 - 2196-1
0016-072809 Homemade Business by Donna Partow
0017-072809 The Vegetarian Way by Virginia Messina ISBN 0-517-8827 5-2
0018-072809 Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan ISBN 0-553-3453 9-7
0019-072809 Our Gods Wear Spandex by Christopher Knowles ISBN 1-57863-406-7
0020-072809 Empowering Your Life with Kabbalah by Jonathan Sharp ISBN 1-5925 7-260 -x
0021-072809 Crystal Healing by Liz Simpson ISBN 0-8069-0417-8
0022-072809 High-Rise Horticulture by David Tarrant ISBN 0-9210 61-49-8
0023-072809 Handbook of PSI Discoveries by Sheila Ostrander no ISBN
0024-072809 Crystal and Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham ISBN 0-87542-126-1
0025-072809 The Book of Fortunes by Lilin Verner Bonds ISBN 0-7641-5399-4
0026-072809 Zen Rock Gardening by Pbd al-Hayy Moore no ISBN
0027-072809 About Looking by John Berger ISBN 0-394-7390 7-8
0028-072809 Major Projects for Young Scientists by Kenneth G Rainis ISBN 0-531-1513 5-2
0029-072809 FCC License Preparation No Code plus 1993 by Gordon West no ISBN
0030-072809 Spells and Magic by the Diagram Group ISBN 1-4027-4732-2
0031-072809 Rasputin: The Last Word by Edvard Radzinsky ISBN 0 - 297-8197 5-5
0032-072809 Development Through the Lifespan by Laura E. Burk ISBN 0-205-3160 2-6
0033-072809 Exploring Meditation by Susan G Shumsky ISBN 1-5641 4-562 - X
0034-072809 The Sorcerers Handbook by Peter J. Clark ISBN 0-8069-6421-9
0035-072809 Encyclopedia of Afterlife Belief and Phenomena by James R Lewis ISBN 0-7876-0288-4
0036-072809 Exploring Auras by Susan Shumsky ISBN 1-5641 4 - 802-5
0037-072809 The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum
0038-072809 Goth Magic by Brenda Knight ISBN 0-8065-2736-6
0039-072809 Psychology Fourth Edition ISBN 0-13-7336 50-0
0040-072809 Second Edition Drawing by Wayne Enstice ISBN 0-13-3046 43-5
0041-072809 The Fairies Oracle - book only - by Jessica Macbeth no ISBN
0042-072809 The Runic Tarot - book only - by Caroline Smith ISBN 0-312-3219 2-9
0043-072809 The Gilded Tarot Companion - book only - by Barbara Moore no ISBN
0044-072809 This Shattered World by Michael Reeves - damaged cover ISBN 0-671-5595 1-6
0045-072809 8 Minutes Idle by Matt Thorne ISBN 0-7953 81-138-3
0046-072809 Pentacle magazines - issue 21 & issue 19

Feel free to message me if you have any questions, and I can pass your questions along to my friend.

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