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New kid on the block

93 and Salute.
I just want to say hello, and to say honestly I am kindaof a lurker but trying to branch out a little and make new contacts. I am a Thelemite and Vodouist and Rootworker residing in ATL GA. I more recently became more involved with Vodou and Rootwork. I opened an online Shop, so I am here promoting it as well, which I am so terrible at doing honestly... Selling a craft is so new to me, but it's what certain spirits have called on me to do, and believe me when I say it's a completely DIFFERENT path for me... I seriously have always struggled with other people being misunderstood, and having a hard time trying to figure out why people were so f*cked up in this world that it made me pissed and sad and humored all at the same time... But in this instance, I feel that I can provide something to someone who can utilize it and I don't need to be involved or holding someone's hand, no real emotional attachments involved, just lending light life love and liberty to seekers, a resource of sorts to another. Anyway, here's my link to my shop, Vescha Magickal and Spiritual
93 Respects and Light and Life
Scarlet Fever AKA Vescha.Sur
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